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Kurt and Kim Young, husband and wife team and independent brokers, welcome the opportunity to serve you!

with over 2 dozen companies and multiple products that best fit your need and budget.

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Want to protect your family from more tragic loss should a death or disability occur? If you are like most American families, your largest  investment  and monthly expense is your home mortgage. Mortgage protection insurance is not only a safety net but also an investment in your family’s future so you can rest assured your family can find comfort in being able to stay in their own home.


Want to save your family and friends from having to  scramble to come up with the money to cover a funeral? When someone passes, there are burial and medical costs.  Final Expense is a whole life insurance policy designed to pay these expenses which helps families to not worry about their finances at a time they are grieving.



Need something more affordable and flexible? Term Life is your answer.  It's set for a fixed period of time you get to decide!  Do you want it for 10 years or more up to 30 years, depending on your age and health. Most of our clients  get coverage without any medical exam, so no nurse will stick you or collect any labs.

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Want something with Cash Value you can use for extra expenses like perhaps your children's education or supplement your retirement income or other needs?  Universal Life is permanent life insurance with flexible premiums and adjustable benefits.



"Kurt and Kim make a great team! They listen and really care about helping others, you can feel their passion to make a difference."

Rachel Downey

"I have worked with both Kurt and Kim for several years. I’ve seen them continue to give back not only to their team, but to all that surround them. They both are true examples of servant leaders."

Brad Gainey

"Kurt and Kim are very knowledgeable in their business. Their insurance products are very good and can benefit those that connect with them."

Rhonda Smith

"Kurt and Kim have the most knowledge and highest integrity of any persons I’ve known in their field. The KNOW their stuff! They treat everyone fairly and equitably. I highly recommend them."

Tish Hummer

"Rates are great folks are wonderful"

Darrell Lattimer

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